Hello and welcome to the Power Gunz Forum!

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Hello and welcome to the Power Gunz Forum!

Post by daniel131605 on Tue Jun 23, 2015 10:22 pm

Hello, im glad to have you here on the website. I created this forum so anyone who wanted to help develop Power Gunz could. Please create an account, and send me a private message or say hello in our general discussion forum. You can upload your files at www.filefront.com or straight to the website with an attachment.

Im looking for people who want to help with:

website designs, (updating the website i have)

photoshop designs, (loading screens, logos, website images)

map designs / ideas / textures (.tga textures conversions for me Smile ),

xml codes (custom interface layouts, colors new buttons added, animation, etc, xml is the base editing factor here and this is a big task for just me so anyone who knows how to edit xmls please help.),

php codes for the website, (fixing some like ranking characters, showing lists of best characters, highest exps, just custom scripts to show facts about the players, a signature creator for the players)

sql database files for the php scripts for the website (i can prob do this if no one knows how),

.map files (creating buildings, chairs, lamps anything you want in gtk radiant and sharing them for map making)

.elu weapons (anyone who knows how to use blender can make custom weapons for the server)

.elu npcs (custom npcs are a huge part of making this server stand out and making questing more fun so if anyone wants to that would be awesome)

custom sound files (just upload sounds for weapons if you find any audio files should be .wav (wave sound) )

custom clothes

custom quest xml files

custom quest maps

custom lobby and equipment/shop interface in the xmls

So please anyone who wants to help please join and let me know what you can do to help. I can help you guys as well with getting the correct files for map making, i will upload them and share with you. Getting all of the scripts to load .elu and .ani and export those files through blender. And i will also share a link with photoshop if anyone needs it. Please guys the more who help the better this server will be and the more people we can get on it. I will add anyone who wants to help to our staff team, we can converse through this forum sharing our files, also through facebook (Daniel Ewald New York). If you have skype add your information to your account and we will all add each other. This idea for this is to get as many people involved to help develop a strong gunz server.

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