System.mrs XML Editing.

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System.mrs XML Editing.

Post by daniel131605 on Tue Jun 23, 2015 11:17 pm

This post is to show you how to edit ZITEM.XML. So if you would like to help here is how; make custom items it will help me a lot. I will add new mesh id's for each item you create. So, lets get started.

Weapon Type:


<ITEM id="XXXXX" name="Name of weapon" mesh_name="weapon name in model.mrs ill add it" totalpoint="0" type="range"
res_sex="a" res_level="X" slot="range" weapon="shotgun" weight="X" bt_price="0"
delay="XXX" damage="X" ctrl_ability="80" magazine="X" maxbullet="X" reloadtime="X"
slug_output="true" gadget_id="0" hp="X" ap="X" maxwt="X" sf="0" fr="0" cr="0" pr="0"
lr="0" color="#FFFFFFFF" image_id="2" bullet_image_id="0" magazine_image_id="0" snd_reload="we_shotgunpa_reload"
snd_fire="we_shotgunpa_fire" snd_dryfire="762arifle_dryfire" desc="XXXX"
effect_id="7" />

Edit the orange to your liking of how the weapon should be. This layout is for a shotgun. Don't edit the red i'll edit that when i add the weapon to the server.

Weapon Type:


limitspeed="0-90" how fast you can move will post which makes you walk faster and which makes you slower later.
limitwall="0,1" 0 means you can wall run ; 1 means you cannot wall run

<ITEM id="13754" name="Speed Rocket" mesh_name="impulse" totalpoint="0"
type="range" res_sex="a" res_level="30" slot="range" weapon="rocket" weight="20" bt_price="0"
delay="500" damage="25" ctrl_ability="80" magazine="8" maxbullet="40" reloadtime="3"
slug_output="true" gadget_id="0" hp="3" ap="3" maxwt="0" sf="0" fr="0" cr="0" pr="0"
lr="0" limitspeed="90" limitwall="0" color="#FFFFFFFF" image_id="2" bullet_image_id="0"
magazine_image_id="0" snd_reload="we_rocket_reload" snd_fire="we_rocket_fire" snd_dryfire="762arifle_dryfire"
desc="Speed Rocket." />

Sword weapon

<ITEM id="13752" name="Staff Zabuza Sword" mesh_name="zabuza" totalpoint="0" type="melee"
res_sex="a" res_level="0" slot="melee" weapon="katana" weight="0" bt_price="0"
delay="200" damage="999999" range="99999" ctrl_ability="0" magazine="0" reloadtime="0" slug_output="false"
gadget_id="0" hp="20" ap="25" maxwt="0" sf="0" fr="0" cr="0" pr="0" lr="0" color="#FFFFFFFF"
image_id="0" bullet_image_id="0" magazine_image_id="0" desc="Staff Range Sword" />


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